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Here you will find the most extensive collection of articles to answer all your questions about APC Action Apps: a powerful object oriented content management system design specifically for progressive organizations. These articles cover everything from basic introductions to scripting references to in-depth system administration and programmer's notes. We hope you find them useful and would welcome your contributions.

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New to Action Apps

  1. What are ActionApps?
  2. Who can I create a Content Pool with?
  3. How do I get ActionApps?
  4. What specific ActionApps are available?
  5. Where do I go for user support?
  6. Is there a manual available?
  7. Is my information protected?
  8. Can the APC ActionApps work in my language?
  9. Do I need special computer qualifications to use the APC ActionApps?
  10. Can the APC ActionApps infect my computer with viruses?
  11. Who will read my information?
  12. How can my APC network help me use APC ActionApps?
  13. Are APC ActionApps open source?
  14. How does ActionApps compare with PHPNUKE, Zope, and other content management systems.
  15. What can ActionApps do for my organization?
  16. What are real world examples of organizations using ActionApps?
  17. How much do ActionApps cost?
  18. If I am a developer, how can I contribute?
  19. Alerts/Mailman Integration
  20. How to create a simple email alert module
  21. What is Content Pooling?
  22. What's the benefit of Content Pooling?
  23. How do I create a Reader Mamagement logout function?
Author and Editor
  1. How does a user retrieve a forgotten password from reader managment?
Slice Administrator
  1. Where is the HTML
  2. How do I use add one of the fields in the drop-down at hte bottom of the Admin->Fields screen
  3. Rich Text Editor
  4. Jump module
  5. What is the parent category?
  6. How do I customise the Category breaks in an index view from another slice
  7. Hierarchical constants
  8. How to display icon for Highlighted item on Item Manager (or public website)?
  9. Field Triggers
  10. How to set the off-line filling up?
  11. What are the Parameters of the Alias Functions
  12. How do I link to fulltext if, and only if, there is some fulltext
  13. Create new Wizard
  14. How to integrate APC-AA with email
  15. MultiLingual eXtension for ActionApps / How to setup ActionApps for multilingual web sites
  16. Cron - how to automatically run tasks on given time?
  17. What is Reader Management?
  18. Can apc-aa send email? What is the Email Notification control panel for? How do I notify someone of a new item, or an item in the holding bin?
  19. AA Alerts
  20. Alerts step by step walkthrough
  21. Alerts Admin
  22. Password-protected public editing
  23. How to create a form allowing anonymous posting from public website?
  24. How to create a Calendar
  25. two level menu view
  26. Constants and Categories
  27. How do I get rid of the "?" by each input field
  28. Discussions as message boards
  29. How do I setup discussions?
  30. Where can I read about developing APC-AA applications
  31. How can I let users with the 'author' permission edit their own items?
  32. What are the wizards for parameter generation, and how do I use them
  33. How to edit items in public website?
  34. How to edit items non-anonymous from a website
  35. How to use Live checkbox (Auto Update Checkbox)?
  36. Rich Text Editor icons
  37. How do feed items from one slice to another
  38. How can I control which fields are fed, and whether they are editable
  39. I want to feed highlighted items from several slices to the front page.
  40. How to setup Cross server networking (CSN)
  41. Feeding: How to access the id field in a parent
  42. How can I set mapping on Manual feeding.
  43. How to link parent item?
  44. How do I create an RSS feed from a slice
  45. How do I set mapping on RSS import
  46. How do I automatically feed only select items to other slices?
  47. What is the value of a check box input?
  48. How are mutual related links propogated?
  49. How can I include photos to the texts of articles?
  50. Field Types and Alias Functions
  51. How do I upload files into a slice
  52. File Manager
  53. How to use images in a slice ?
  54. How can I manipulate images (e.g. create thumbnails)
  55. How do I control whether new items appear in the Approved or Holding bins
  56. How can I use the related items feature to link items from one slice into another
  57. How to refill conditions on searchform?
  58. Searchform extensions
  59. How to setup searchform?
  60. How to display archive (expired items)?
  61. Designing nice search results
  62. Which parameters can I use with slice.php3
  63. How to use Site Module
  64. What are the 'Action Aplication Core' and 'News (EN) Template' slices?
  65. Is there a way to allow different users to log in to the same slice but with their own language choice?
  66. Is it possible to add new users from public website?
  67. How to use aliases
  68. How to show integers but not show 0?
  69. How "No item found" message in view definition works?
  70. Which should I use, Item Listing View (View.php3) or Design-Index (slice.php3)?
  71. What are Views good for?
  72. How do I create a Index of some items
  73. How do I include this View in a HTML page?
  74. How do I sort items within a View?
  75. How do I include Previous and Next in the scroller of a View.
  76. How do I select a sub-set of items from a view
  77. How do I view just highlighted items on a page.
  78. How do I make it view just a single item?
  79. How do I link a Index view to show the items in a Full Text view
  80. What is a Static View and how do I use it
  81. How can I parameterize a view and fill in details from the URL
  82. How can I change a piece of content on a page, for example a context-dependent Navigation menu
  83. How do I use a Javascript view to see pages on a site where AA is not installed
  84. Which parameters can I use with view.php3
  85. How do I use jsview.php3 to view pages on a site where AA is not installed
  86. What are the different kinds of Views on the Admin->Views page?
  87. Which strings exactly are removed from Views?
  88. Protecting sensitive data against reading
  89. What paramater substitution is done in f_v
System Administrator
  1. Error: setup.php3 just recycles the same page
  2. File Manager Administration
  3. How to transform the old slice (from AAv1.2-) to the new database structure (used in AAv1.5+)?
  4. How to import lots of data into a slice?
  5. What tools are available for importing data
  6. How do I make a slice with lots of fields? The web interface takes too long.
  7. How to contact the developers
  8. Can I run APC-AA on two web servers accessing a common database
  9. I have limited access to my box, how do I access PHPLIB
  10. How do I create my own validation function
  11. How do I fix a corrupt database
  12. Can I run APC-AA with IIS and Windows
  13. How can I look at the database with Perl?
  14. How do I setup my installation for file uploads
  15. Using remote or remotec to display APC-AA on another web server
  16. How to configure mod_auth_mysql for HTTP authentication with ActionApps authentication system
  17. How to import big exported slice&data?
  18. How can I modify the fonts used in the AA interface?
  19. When are hits counted?
  20. Error: Access denied for user: 'aadbuser@xxxx'
  21. ERROR: "No slice found for you" - I lost me installation ID ("AA_ID" in config.php3)
  22. How do I update my APC-AA installation to the latest version?
  23. What are the hosting requirements for APC-AA?
  24. How do I set up Htaccess permissions sync with Reader Management?
  1. How to create an aa in an alternate language?
  2. How to make item url shorter?
  3. How to push/pull data into/from database
  4. How should I return errors
  5. How to create new alias function?
  6. How to create a new Action Aplication
  7. How to edit a file and check it back into the distribution
  8. What are the CVS branch version numbers of APC-AA and how do I check out a specific versio
  9. Can I call apc-aa item-manager from other php3 code
  10. How does file upload work
  11. Language files with Mini Gettext
  12. How to create new module?
  13. What coding standards should I follow
  14. How to debug Action Apps code and sites?
  15. POST to .shtml
  16. How do Tagged IDs work
  17. What are the plans for the FAQs?

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