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Views can be swapped in and out from the URL, using syntax like "cmd[5]=v-8" to display view 8 at the place where View 5 was expected (for example by <!--#include="/aa/view.php3?vid=5"-->

For example, if you want a navigation menu that redraws itself depending on what is clicked on, you should create each of the different views you want to appear and then include one view in the shtml page. Then you can switch between displayed views using the url parameter.

For Example:
----------- index.shtml ----------
<!--#include virtual="/apc-aa/view.php3?vid=9"-->
<p> page footer... </p>

--------- code for this menu in the Odd row field of view #9-----
<a href="index.shtml?cmd[9]=v-13">News</a><br>
<a href="index.shtml?cmd[9]=v-14">Calendar</a><br>
<a href="index.shtml?cmd[9]=v-15">About us</a><br>

When the index.shtml page is redrawn the initial view #9 will be replaced by the appropriate view, for example view #13 will appear in the News slice and view #14 in the Calendar slice.

Because the PHP is interpreted via an include on the server, you cannot easily change the view at run-time, for example changing it based on a mouse-over event, it requires a page to be redrawn.

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

<aafaq id=1737> ~ToDo: 1737 How can I change a piece of content on a page, for example a context-dependent Navigation menu </aafaq> 

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