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IIS is not a supported platform for APC-AA or at least it is not tested on this platform. There were some limitations in IIS v4.0 (I'm not sure, how it is in v5.0), which makes AA half-usable. There was a problem of not passing url parameters
to a script, which is included by SSI include into an shtml page.

The requirements are on:
<a href="http://apc-aa.sourceforge.net/apc-aa/doc/install-2.html">apc-aa.sourceforge.net/apc-aa/doc/install-2.html</a>

APC-AA is tested at least on Linux/Apache+MySQL+PHP and on Win98/Apache+MySQL+PHP (as a home developer installation).

The easiest way how to run AA on home Windows machine is to install PHPTriad (Apache, MySQL, PHP), which is really easy, see <a href=http://www.phpgeek.com>www.phpgeek.com</a>

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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