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Frequently Asked Questions v2


Next suggested steps for the upgrading the FAQ:

  1. Fix old links within fulltext.
  2. Categorize and fix grammer in all articles
  3. Get popular collections view working (uses related items) and ask key users to submit their favorite collections.
  4. Add more content from email archives and personal notes.
  5. Add email alert feature
  6. Allow for editing on site for logged in users.

Also need to get other language views and content going (e.g. Spanish).

I also plan to create a Requested Feautre slice in the near future that will use the same alert login.

Some help with updating FAQ content would be most appreciated. :^)

 - JD- - - --

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

<aafaq id=1807> ~ToDo: 1807 What are the plans for the FAQs? </aafaq> 

This FAQ interface was developed by Jason at Commons.ca

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