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Here are some hints on debugging APC-AA,
<li>Run the same query appending: ?errcheck=1&nocache=1<br>errcheck=1 will activate checks in a few places to make sure assumptions the code is making are valid. Sometimes this helps. It also occasional generates false warnings, especially about trying to pack invalid ids.
<br>nocache=1 will make sure that fresh data is generated rather than old stuff from the cache.
<li>Add: &debug=1
<br>This will cause lots of debugging info to be reported, if the problem is with {...} expansion look for lines starting Unaliasing, Expanding, Expanded and Continuing
<li>If the problem is timeouts, add: &debugtimes=1&time_limit=1000
<br>time-limit will extend the time in view.php3, (but not elsewhere yet)
<br>debugtimes will make every debug line report at what timestamp it was run, this will help narrow the problem down.
<br>(Note: There *have* been problems with regular expressions and long strings - suspect "ereg" and replace with preg_match.)
<li>If none of this helps, Post the url to apc-aa-coders@sourceforge.net (or apc-aa-general@sourceforge.net if you aren't on apc-aa-coders)
Unfortunately , I haven't been able to track down any kind of symbolic debugger for PHP, so it doesn't appear to be possible to do the usual ways of debugging code ....

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

<aafaq id=1669> ~ToDo: 1669 How to debug Action Apps code and sites? </aafaq> 

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