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The right alias is _#ITEM_ID#.

For example, to show an item in a full text view, the view.php3 script should get the parameters like:


( the 'i' command to view.php3 script takes as argument unpacked (long) item id)

So if we pass the vid parameter directly in fulltext.shtml page:

<!--#include virtual="/aaa/view.php3?vid=110"-->

Which then needs us to pass the cmd parameter through url:

<a href="fulltext.shtml?cmd[110]=i-110-2548e4b7ae7b8874ee4a4bf"> fulltext </a>

So we can generate this by placing in the Odd rows field of an index view

<a href="fulltext.shtml?cmd[110]=i-110-_#ITEM_ID#"> fulltext </a>

If you want to link to a view appearing in the same place on the same page (as for the main index going to a full text), then if your Index view has vid=109 then the URL should be:


which will redraw the same screen, replacing view 109 with view110, for the item specified.


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Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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