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Some fields have a predefined set of possible values --- a constant group. These are usually shown in a select box, multiple check / radio boxes etc. Edit them in Slice Admin -- Fields -- Constants -- Edit / New.

Categories are constants with some special properties. The constant table structure is:

CREATE TABLE constant (
   id char(16) NOT NULL,
   group_id char(16) NOT NULL,
   name char(150) NOT NULL,
   value char(150) NOT NULL,
   class char(16),
   pri smallint(5) DEFAULT '100' NOT NULL,
   PRIMARY KEY (id),
   KEY group_id (group_id)

When to use different name and value

How the 'Display' and the 'Store in Database' parts are supposed to be used?

For example the "State" select box (if you want to see it on input form) has the names and values of:

Approved bin1
Holding bin2
Trash bin3

Another example, more real-life - colors select box. There can be names of "Red", "blue", "very bright green", ... and values will be "#FF0000", "#0000FF", "#EEFFEE". In input form you see Red... and on page is then #FF0000

The third example is kind of hint. Suppose you want to have different kinds of item - for example "public", "private", "other" and you want to see this words on compact view. No problem, but you want to see each in different color. So you can define:

name: Private
value: <font color="#FF0000">Private</font>

Order Categories on Input Form as You Wish

You can set the priority order in the constant editing page, and then if you want the output in this order as well, then in the View set the sorting to be "Ascending (or Descending) by Priority"

Propagate changes into current items

Usually if you change a constant value, the current items in the database remain the same. By checking this box you force the changes to be made on the items too. If you change "red" to "cyan", all items with color "red" will be changed to "cyan".

Remember that the constants may be shared by several slices --- if you change a value, the changes may be propagated to some places which you didn't count with. Another danger is that if there were some items with "cyan" before, you can never ever find which item are converted from "red" and which are not.

Changing the constant name doesn't have any effect in the database but changes the look in all Edit / New item pages using the constant group.

Displaying list of constants on a page

For displaying list of constants on the page you can use specila type of view - Constant view Constant view is quite normal view, just like item listing view. You can use aliases, conditions or sorting (conds[], sort[], als[]) (from AA v2.6). Following table shows aliases, which you can use for the design. Many of the aliases have also its own "field_id", which is presented in the second table column. The "field ids" you can use, if provided aliases do not fill your needs or if you want to use conds[] or sort[].
_#NAME###_const_nameConstant name
_#VALUE##_const_valueConstant value
_#PRIORITYconst_priConstant priority
_#GROUP##_const_groupConstant group id
_#CLASS##_const_classCategory class (for categories only)
_#COUNTER_ Constant number
_#CONST_IDconst_idConstant unique id (32-haxadecimal characters)
_#SHORT_IDconst_short_idConstant unique short id (autoincremented from '1' for each constant in the system)
_#DESCRIPTconst_descriptionConstant description
_#LEVEL##_const_levelConstant level (used for hierachical constants). If you want to display hierarchical constants in its hierarchy (so constant on second level have two spaces before the name), you can use following AA expression:
{switch({_#LEVEL##_})1: :2:  :3:   }


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Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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