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If you are using highlight field for displaying items on homepage and you want to allow people to be able to switch the highlight on and of quickly, then Live checkbox is the solution for you. It allows you to display checkbox directly in Item Manager, so users just check or uncheck in there. They do not need to go in item editing page and edit each item.

How to set it up
  1. Go to 'Slice Admin' -> 'Fields' and choose 'Edit' for field you want to use live checkbox (probably highlight....... or other Boolen field)
  2. Set alias (for example _#LIVECHBX) using f_k - Auto Update Checkbox
  3. Go to 'Slice Admin' -> 'Design - Item manager'
  4. Incorporate new alias (_#LIVECHBX) into Item Manager design
  5. Done

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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