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You can use aliases defined in the URL parameter 'als'. For a detailed description of the als parameter, see "What parameters can I use with slice.php3"

For example,

There are 13 navigation pages. For example, there is a page on 'Communication Rights' which has a report on Internet Rights in general and links to the pages
'Communication Rights in South Africa'
'Communication Rights in Morocco'
'Communication Rights in Senegal'

I did not want to write 13 pages, so I used 2 static views -- one for country pages, and one for topic pages.

The topic page is /topic.shtml. It has this include

<!--#include virtual="/apc-aa/view.php3?vid=2-->

topic.shtml will be called with parameters. To create the 'Communication Rights' topic page, it will be called as


URLE_TOP is an alias similar to MY_TOPIC, but it double URL encodes the value. It will be used to generate links. %2B represents the +. A + in url encoding is a space.

In this topic.shtml I want to create links to these pages. To create these links, view #2 has this 'odd row' format:

<a href="/resource.shtml?cmd[1]=c-1-South%2BAfrica-c-2-_#URLE_TOP">South Africa - _#MY_TOPIC </a>
<a href="/resource.shtml?cmd[1]=c-1-Morocco-c-2-_#URLE_TOP">Morocco - _#MY_TOPIC </a>
<a href="/resource.shtml?cmd[1]=c-1-Senegal-c-2-_#URLE_TOP">Senegal - _#MY_TOPIC </a>

and the MY_TOPIC and URLE_TOP are substituted from the als parameters in the URL.


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<aafaq id=1738> ~ToDo: 1738 How can I parameterize a view and fill in details from the URL </aafaq> 

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