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ActionApps can send email.

Go to the Admin -> Email Notification control Panel.

There are four sections:
New Item in Holding Bin
Item Changed in Holding Bin
New Item in Approved Bin
Item Changed in Approved Bin

Each section has three fields
* Email addresses, one per line
* Subject of the Email message
* Body of the Email message

Each of these section configures how action apps will respond to
an event. For example, if a new item arrives in the Holding Bin,
apc-aa will send an email notification to everyone listed in the Email addresses field.

The Subject cannot use aliases (this should be fixed in a later version)
The Body can use any aliases that you have defined for the slice, just as you use aliases in the Design control panels.

NOTE: a bug was fixed in the sourcecode on Jan 18, 2002, so
if you get errors, you might upgrade your apc-aa version to
the most recent version.


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Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

<aafaq id=1716> ~ToDo: 1716 Can apc-aa send email?  What is the Email Notification control panel for? How do I notify someone of a new item, or an item in the holding bin? </aafaq> 

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