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Htaccess is updated by AuthMySQL module on the Apache server. The access is granted directly from AA (from auth_group and auth_user tables)

You need to:

1) Install mod_auth_mysql (http://modauthmysql.sourceforge.net/)

(This module is standard part of RedHat Linux distribution (rpm mod_auth_mysql). Be carefull, because there are at least two different modules with the same name but with different httpd.conf options and features. We need the described one and not the one described by Ram: http://actionapps.org/faq/detail.shtml?x=1673 !!!)

2) Then you need set auth_group...... field in Reader managment slice as described here: http://actionapps.org/apc-aa/doc/reader.html#d0e236

3) Set the apache to accept MySQL authentication - something like modifying httpd.conf file:

<Directory /data/www/htdocs/actionapps.org>

AllowOverride AuthConfig FileInfo Options Limit

# Authentication

AuthMySQLHost localhost

AuthMySQLUser aa_db_user

AuthMySQLPassword aa_db_password

AuthMySQLDB aa_db

AuthMySQLUserTable auth_user

AuthMySQLGroupTable auth_group

AuthMySQLNameField username

AuthMySQLPasswordField passwd

AuthMySQLGroupField groups

AuthMySQLNoPasswd off

AuthMySQLCryptedPasswords On



4) Protect the directory by .htaccess file or by similar lines in httpd.conf file:

AuthType Basic

AuthName "ActionApps Ariel Members Area"

<Limit GET>

require group ariel_members



AuthType Basic

AuthName "ActionApps Ariel Parnters Area"

<Limit GET>

require group ariel_partners


5) Done.



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Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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