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(This is confusing, and hopefully will get changed in a later version)

To add a new field, give it a text in the left hand box. And select which field to use (don't use one that you are already using in the list above), this will setup default display and things like this.

Click update, then click Edit next to this new field (which should now appear somewhere in the list). You can change many of the details, and will almost certainly want to set "Help for this field" to something to appear in the Add_Item function, and the first field of Alias_1 to a string you will use when defining Index, Full-Text or Views.

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

<aafaq id=1751> ~ToDo: 1751 How do I use add one of the fields in the drop-down at hte bottom of the Admin->Fields screen </aafaq> 

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