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Yes - this works fine,

You need to setup config.php3 correctly,

Assuming you want the same data to appear on both, then
the key variables seem to be.

AA_INSTAL_URL which can either point to one location, or different locations for each server such as http://www1.yyy.com and http://www2.yyy.com.
DEFAULT_ORG_ID will be the same for both
DB_HOST , DB_USER and DB_PASSWORD will be the same in both cases and point to the database server
DB_NAME will be "aadb" in both cases, i.e. they are using the same set of slices.
AA_ID will be the same in both cases.

Cron feeding to other hosts should be run on one machine only.

If you want totally independent data on each web server, for example if they are serving up totally different slices, then set DB_HOST to different values and AA_ID to different values, and have Cron work on both.

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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