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If you want to be able to go into the admin interface to edit an item, you can now put the alias
_#EDITITEM, into a view, the user will be asked to login, there are other ways to edit items anonymously.

After editing the item, the user will be returned to the page they were viewing.

The user will only be prompted to login the first time they try and edit an item, after that the AA_CP_Session parameter is added to the URL. In some cases this might not get through to the _#EDITITEM, (hints on how to make this work could go here). In which case a return URL can be
specifically written into the URL using {alias:headline........:f_e:edit:full url}


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Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

<aafaq id=1671> ~ToDo: 1671 How to edit items non-anonymous from a website </aafaq> 

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