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The Item Listing View (View.php3) and Design-Index (slice.php3) provide overlapping features. Which to use will depend on which features you need. Here are some of the differences.

Available featuresViewIndex
Search conditions from URLYesYes
Search FormNo<#215>Yes
?x=1699No (workaround)Yes
Slice idImplicit, can be overridden by parameterParameter in include or URL
Copy with TemplateYes with new wizard, but may need to edit HTML because numbers changeYes
SortingFrom Admin onlyFrom URL parameters only

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

<aafaq id=1699> ~ToDo: 1699 Which should I use, Item Listing View (View.php3) or Design-Index (slice.php3)? </aafaq> 

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