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There are two feeding methods - authomatical and manual. Automatical feeding works only for new/updated item. By manual feeding it is possible to feed any selected item to another slice (if you have permission to do so).

Manual feeding
In Item Manager select the items you want to send to another slice. Select "Export" on the toolbar just below the itemlist. After clicking on "GO" a new window is shown where you can select destination slices. (You must have a permission in the destination slice - at least Author. If you are Editor or more in the destination slice, you can set the "Active" checkbox, which means to copy the items in the destination slice into the Active Bin. If the checkbox stays unchecked, the item is copied to the Holding bin).

The feeding is error-safe, it is impossible to feed one item to the same destination slice more than once.

Automatical feeding

Each Feed needs to be configured in both the slice where the items are entered and which will export items, and for the slice where the items are imported.

Select the slice where the items are entered. Select Admin->Content Pooling -> Inner Node Feeding. If you are willing for items to go to any other slice on the same host then check "Enable export to any slice". Otherwise uncheck this box, and move slices that you want to receive items to the Export Enable box.

Select the slice where items will be received. Make sure the slice you want to recieve from is in the Import box. As a courtesy send an email to the administrator of the slices you want to receive from.

The import process can be fine tuned in two ways.

In Admin->Content Pooling->Filters you can select which of the exporting slice's categories items come from, and to which categories of the importing slice they are delivered. Select the Active box if you want items in this category to be made Active, otherwise they will go in the Holding Bin for manual approval. There is currently no way to control which items are fed, only which category they go to.

In Admin->Content Pooling->Mapping you can control which fields of the source slice end up in which fields of the destination slice.

If you want to export items already in the slice, then go to the Item Manager, check the items to export, and choose "Export" and Go. This will give a choice of destination slices, which you can check along with whether they should be Active, or go to the Holding Bin for manual approval.


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