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For most feeds you won't need to map them, unless you want the feed to go to Active rather than Hold bin.

To set the mapping, first create the feed in AA->RSS Feeds, then click on the feed and click Map. (or go to it directly from the AA->Mapping page.

If all you want to do is send it to the Active bin, then go to the bottom and change "Status" to "Value" and "1" (hold is "Value" and "2")

You can set quite complex feeding behavior by setting any field to "RSS field or expression" and then entering an RSS field name, or more complex expression.

Fields have a prefix and a value e.g. DC:TITLE, the allowed fields are:
PrefixAllowed ValuesWhere found in RSS
CHANNEL/ title, description, language, timestamp (AA only), link From the corresponding CHANNEL elements at the top of the feed except slice_id is from dc/identifier
ITEM/ title,description,link,id, guid, pubdate From the corresponding ITEM elements except id is from dc/identitifier)
DC/ title,creator,subject,description,date,source,language,relation,coverage From the corresponding DC elements within the ITEM

In addition, the following syntax is supported:

ITEM/DESCRIPTION|ITEM/TITLE Will look for the Description, and if that is not present use the title
DATE(ITEM/pubdate) Converts the specified field to a unix date
NOW Uses the current date and time
CONTENT Hard coded to find the content and determine if its HTML, given that the RSS standard makers keep moving things! Currently it looks in Item/encoded and and Item/items/bag/li/item/value
headline........ Will look for an APC-AA field, this only works if the sending RSS feed is from APC site, in which case Inter-node feeding would be better anyway.

Notes to Developers

It is relatively straightforward to modify RSS import as the standards mutate

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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