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You have prepared a public anonymous posting form and want to use it to edit items as well. How to do it?

There is a script fillform.php3 with associated JavaScript utilities in include/fillformutils.php3. This script takes the long item id from var my_item_id and calls JavaScript functions to look for the fields and fills them appropriately.

You may use it this way:

file anonymous.shtml

<!--#include virtual="/anonym.html"-->
<!--#include virtual="/aaa/fillform.php3"-->
<!--#include virtual="/bottom.html"-->

Than you can call anonymous.shtml?my_item_id=... to show the edit form filled with old values.

There are two additional parameters which most users will not need: use "form = formname" when you changed the name of the form containing the fields (usually it is "f"). Use "notrun = 1" if you want to fill the controls e.g. only after clicking somewhere.

Only items posted by public website and not updated in the AA admin can be edited this way - a flag ITEM_FLAG_ANONYMOUS_EDITABLE cares about it. It is reset every time you send an item with itemedit.php3.

The same script may be used to refill conditions on a search page - see this.


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Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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