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When you write an item which goes into the Active bin or when you approve an item, the feeding function is invoked. This function finds all slices where the item should be fed (depending on current feeding permissions ("Admin" -> "Content pooling - Import & Export") and feeding setings ("Admin" -> "Content pooling - Filters")). The feeding goes deeper and deeper between the slices until a cycle is detected or feeding into Holding bin is set.

Feeding one item from one slice to another means:

Let's look in the constants.php3 file:

# content table flags
define( "FLAG_HTML", 1 );
define( "FLAG_FEED", 2 );
define( "FLAG_FREEZE", 4 );
define( "FLAG_OFFLINE", 8 );
define( "FLAG_UPDATE", 16 );

# states of feed field of field table
define( "STATE_FEEDABLE", 0 );
define( "STATE_UNFEEDABLE", 1 );
define( "STATE_FEEDNOCHANGE", 2 );

# relation table flags
define( "REL_FLAG_FEED", 2 ); # 2 - just to be compatible with content table

There you see how the various flags can be set. The most important are the flags for the field table. For each field you can set whether this field is

These settings can be done on the "Admin" -> "Main settings - Fields" -> "Edit" -> "Feeding mode" page, where you can set for each field:

Depending on field table flags, the flags for content table are set:

After copying the contents, the relation table is updated. This table holds information about the feeding tree (from which item is the content fed to another). The relation table will be used for another purposes in future too (for holding discussion threads, ...), so each record for feeding if flagged as REL_FLAG_FEED.

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

<aafaq id=1774> ~ToDo: 1774 How can I control which fields are fed, and whether they are editable </aafaq> 

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