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CSN is a feature which allows item exchange between two servers.

Developers note: The implementation is based on Moritz Both's specification:

A. Installation

Node = one installation of ActionApps.

Assume there are two nodes, which want to exchange items

Step 1 Set up the node details,
- must be done by sysdadmins, with shell access on both nodes, but they only have to be done once, no matter how many slices and how many nodes are configured, normally it will have be done when ActionApps was installed.

Set the ORG_NAME in config.php3 file to the name of your organization, e.g.:
define ("ORG_NAME","Econnect");

Step 2 Set the information about the collaborating nodes.
- must be done by a Superadmin on both nodes, once for each node that it imports or exports to.

Step 3 Setting import and export
- this can be done by the Slice Admin

3.1 On the exporting node,

There you can set the permissions for remote users, who will have the rights to get items from the current slice.

3.2 On the importing node,

There you can set, from which remote nodes and slices will items be fed.

3.3. Set the filters and mapping on the importing node

Filters and mapping you can set exactly the same way as for local feeding. See 'Slice Admin -> Filters' and 'Admin -> Mapping'

Step 4. Set the cron
ActionApps adds the task for CSN to the AA Cron on its setup. If you are superadmin, you can check it on AA -> Misc - Cron page. There should be task defined as:

 * 8,23,38,53 * * *   admin/xmlclient.php3 

In order the task from cron are started regulary, the cron must be well configured by the system administrator. If the cron is configured, the column 'last_run' on 'AA -> Misc - Cron' page is not empty and the value is time to time changed. Please read section: Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

<aafaq id=1750> ~ToDo: 1750 How to setup Cross server networking (CSN) </aafaq> 

This FAQ interface was developed by Jason at Commons.ca

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