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All configuration options are in config.php3:

define("IMG_UPLOAD_MAX_SIZE", "400000"); # max size of file in picture uploading
define("IMG_UPLOAD_URL", "http://work.ecn.cz/img_upload/");
define("IMG_UPLOAD_PATH", "/data/www/htdocs/work.ecn.cz/img_upload/");
define("IMG_UPLOAD_TYPE", "image/*");
define("IMG_UPLOAD_DIR_MODE", 508); # mkdir perms (508 = 0774 in octal, but
# octal value in constant don't work)

When you submit first item with image in the slice, AA will create new subdirectory under the IMG_UPLOAD_PATH directory. The name of this directory is the slice id. In this example we can expect the directories like:


The directories are created with IMG_UPLOAD_DIR_MODE mask.

The image upload function is quite easy and you can find it in include/itemfunc.php3 file - function insert_fnc_fil().


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Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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