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The applications in v1.5+ can be created quite easy.

  1. Choose a slice and create the set of fields you want to have in the new application.

  2. For these fields change the default values, help texts, names, priorities, aliases, etc. in the admin interface ("Admin" -> "Main settings - Fields").

  3. Change the design of the fulltext view, list item view and possibly the admin view ("Admin" -> "Design - Fulltext", "Admin" -> "Design - Index", "Admin" -> "Design - Item Manager")

  4. Test the new slice, whether it is working O.K.

  5. Add a new slice based on this one (not a template, but a slice)

  6. Mark the new slice as a Template ("Admin" -> "Main settings - Slice") - to do this you must be the superadministrator (four stars).

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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