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There are a number of tools for importing, each has different advantages and disadvantages and each needs configuring to specific requirements.

apc-aa/misc/file2slice/importer.php3: Is highly configurable, and can perform functions on the data, however its complex and requires some PHP knowledge to get to do what its capable of. It is documented below. Note that apc-aa/misc/file2slice/import.php3 is an example of its use.

apc-aa/misc/file2slice/tab2slice.pl is much simpler, but it takes the packed field ids as parameters in the first line of the file being imported, it is documented in the top of the file. (this was apc-aa/misc/tabslice.pl)

apc-aa/misc/file2slice/tab2slice_php/ contains a PHP version that can be used with uploaded files (unlike importer.php which reads the file from the file system). It has to be configured to know the packed ids. It does not have the complex capabilities of import.php3 to manipulate fields during import. See apc-aa/misc/tab2slice_php/README for some basic documentation.

It should be possible to merge the uploadability of tab2slice_php with the automatic configuration of importer.php3 but this has not been done yet.

misc/file2slice/array2constants.php3 is also available for importing constants but requires documentation.


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