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The action apps software uses the mysql database engine to store its data. The mysql database system is very very reliable.

If the server is interrupted in the middle of a transaction, it can corrupt the database. For example, the servers at SangoNet had a power failure, and one of the mysql tables got corrupted. This shows itself in the actionapps by one of the pages not working and reporting a mysql error about a corrupted database.

It is usually easy to fix a mysql database that has been corrupted. In this case, I just went to /var/mysql (where databases are stored) and checked to see if there were any errors. Mysql uses a program called isamchk to detect and fix errors. This command checks to see if any of the table in any of the databases is corrupted:

/var/mysql > isamchk -s */*.ISM

In this case, the aadb/pagecache.ISM file had two errors. So I ran isamchk in recover mode to fix pagecache.ISM:

/var/mysql > isamchk -r aadb/pagecache.ISM

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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