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The parameter wizard helps you to design parametres when setting input type of function aliases.

It describes the input type / function and all parametres. Under each input box is a description, left of the box is the type of the parameter value. It allows you to set each parameter individually, not concerning about the ":" syntax. You run it by clicking on a link in the admin pages. You can reread the old parametres, write the new ones or watch example parametres. Some of the input types / functions
have more examples showing different groups of parametres.

This wizards now replaces the previous 'What is the Prameters in Alias Function definition' section in the FAQ.

The script is a universal mechanism based on a help array (see constants_param_wizard.php3 and xx_param_wizard_lang.php3). It only takes a few parametres (names of the fields on the web page) and is prepared to be perhaps used for another tasks as well.

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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