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If you find no alias function is good enough for you, you can write your own. function. The alias functions are stored in include/item.php3 file and its names begins with f_ (but we can name it as g_* or such, as well) and they are three letters long (just like f_a()).

All you have to do for new function is:

  1. Write your own function in item.php3 (say f_9()).
  2. Add description of the function into param wizard definition file include/constants_param_wizard.php3 (structure described inside this file)
  3. Add human readable messages into include/en_param_wizard_lang.php3 language file.

  4. Edit the FAQ item on Alias function paramaters

If you find, that the new alias function is very proprietary (it is unusable for other people, you can create file /include/usr_aliasfnc.php3, which is automaticaly included to code (if exists). There you can define your own alias functions. The function name must be prefixed by 'usr_' prefix. The function have three parameters:

The example listing of /include/usr_aliasfnc.php3 (the file should not be committed to CVS, because it is very proprietary and the content should not be shared between installations):

<?php //usr_aliasfnc.php3  

/** Prints czech date (for Ekolist pages)
* @param columns - array of all field values for all ifelds in current item
* @param col - fileld id of field, for which the alias is defined
* @param param - possibly parameters to alias function passed in alias definition parameter (usr_cz_date:parameter)
function usr_cz_date($columns, $col, $param="") {
$dte = $columns[$col][0][value];
$month = array( 1 => "ledna", "unora", "brezna", "dubna", "kvetna", "cervna", "cervence", "srpna", "zari", "rijna", "listopadu", "prosince");
$weekday = array("nedele","pondeli","utery","streda","ctvrtek","patek","sobota");
$m = $month[ date("n", $dte)];
$end = ( !$param ? "" : " (". $weekday[ date("w", $dte) ]. ")");
return date("j", $dte) .". $m ". date("Y", $dte). $end;

Such alias function can be called by defining new alias for some field. Just define alias name (as obvious), alias function should be "f_u - user function" and the parameter should be the name of the function ("usr_cz_date" in our example). It is possible to pass parameters to the function. The parameters are separated by colon (usr_cz_date:parameters).

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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