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The offline filling currently works only in IE with Java support (there are some problems with Netscape and file manipulation permissions).

All files used for off-line filling are stored in /mics/offline2slice directory. All of them should be copied to local computer, where you want to use offline filling. There are a few steps to do for sucessfull installation.

  1. Create directory on your local computer (default is c:java).
  2. Copy files from /mics/offline2slice directory of apc-aa installation to created directory.
  3. Add row "set classpath=c:java" to your autoexec.bat file, in order java finds the class definitions.
  4. Restart computer in order the changes in autoexec.bat tekes efect.
  5. Open the delete_file.html file and change the location of main filling form
    row 11: document.location='c:\java\fillform.html';
  6. Change the location of the file, where form data are stored
    row 19: <PARAM NAME="filename" VALUE="C:\offlinedata.txt">
  7. Open the file fillform.html and modify it in order to have the same fields as your slice have. The fields are identified by its ids (like 'headline........'), known from AA.
  8. Change the parameter to OffLine2Slice applet to point to the file, where the content of filled forms will be locally stored
    row 240 <PARAM NAME="filename" VALUE="C:\offlinedata.txt">
  9. Change the URL in ACTION atribut of second form at fillform.html page to point to your server with ActionApps
    row 356: <FORM NAME="hidden_form" ACTION="http://aa.ecn.cz/aaa/offline.php3" METHOD="post">
  10. Change slice_id in hidden form input to match your slice, where you want to store item
    row 358: <INPUT NAME="slice_id" TYPE="hidden" value="45636f6d6f6e69746f72427942455a4c">
  11. Change the path to delete_file.html to point to your install directory, where the file is stored
    row 361: <INPUT NAME="del_url" TYPE="hidden" VALUE="C:/java/delete_file.html">

The offline filling is now installed on your computer and you can try it (open your local fillform.html file in your browser). There you can fill as many items as you want and after all send it to the server.

Before sending the filled forms to server make you sure, that the slice you want import to, permit this operation (see 'Admin' - 'Slice' - 'Allow off-line item filling').

After the sucesfull sneding the items to server, your browser should be redirected to the page, where you can delete the file (offlinedata.txt). In this file the filled data are locally stored. The deletion is not necessary - the offline filling script offline.php3 will recignize, if the data for each item is already stored in database or not (the CRC for each item is computed). However, the better practice is to delete the file. This saves the capacity of line, because the data will not be transfered to server for second time.

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Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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