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The wizard is available to AA Administrators only. It enables to

The wizard is closely related to the File Manager, which contains additional features.

The user is created immediately after clicking on "Add Slice". The next page with slice settings shows whether there was some error or the user was successfully added. If you don't fill any user information, she/he is not added. You can return to the wizard page by Back and try it again.

Only after successfully filling all the slice information (the same process as with the usual Create New Slice) the views and constants are copied and (optionally) the new user is assigned privileges to the slice.

The Email Welcome select box is filled from the wizard_welcome table. You can use these aliases in the "email", "subject", "from" fields:

A copy of the welcome mail message is sent to the administrator's address (_#ME_MAIL_), so that she/he may see the process went on successfully.

Edit the welcome messages on the "Wizard Welcomes" AA admin page. An example is:

description Generic Item Manager Welcome
email Welcome, you have been assigned an _#ROLE____ for the slice _#SLICNAME. Your username is _#LOGIN___. See http://apc-aa.sf.net/faq for help on AA.
subject Welcome, AA _#ROLE____
mail_from "_#ME_NAME_" <_#ME_MAIL_>

The new constant group names are found by trying to add "_1", "_2", "_3", ... at the end of the group name until a group with such name does not exist.

The code used by the Wizard is shared with the Add Slice, Add User and Pemissions/Assign scripts, so you can expect the same behavior and AA developers may easily maintain it..

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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