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New settings in config.php3

# mkdir perms, set by variable because constants don't work with octal values $FILEMAN_MODE_DIR = 0770; # create file perms $FILEMAN_MODE_FILE = 0664;

FILEMAN_MODE sets the Unix rights for all files and directories maintained by the File Manager. Specific directories for individual slices are created in FILEMAN_BASE_DIR, specify the name of the directory belonging to a slice in Slice Settings (only superadmins!!). The FILEMAN_BASE_URL is the web path to the FILEMAN_BASE_DIR, and FILEMAN_UPLOAD_TIME_LIMIT (in seconds) is useful when uploading large files.

Slice settings

Superadmins can set for each slice if administrators may access the File Manager and set the directory name. A directory name must be filled in order that administrators may use the File Manager. If the directory does not exist, it is created at the first usage of File Manager.

There is a difference between what a superadmin sees and what a slice administrator sees. The base directory for superadmin is FILEMAN_BASE_DIR, so you see the directory name when entering File Manager and you can jump to the parent directory. But slice administrators have access only to the particular directory and they don't see the directory name.


You can create templates consisting of several files. Some aliases are defined:

Create the templates in directory FILEMAN_BASE_DIR/templates, each in another subdirectory. Use the AA admin / Wizard Templates page to fill info about the templates into database. Write the subdirectory name (without path) and a description.


Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

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