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Highlight is normal field, so You are able to display the icon or a text for highlighted items (on Item Manager or on website).

You can add the column for showing Highlighted item flag on admin interface:

1) Go to Admin - Design Item Manager

2) Add new column in Item Format (and Top HTML). For Item Format use the _#HIGHLGHT alias (not deffined, yet) just as in following example:

<tr class=tabtxt><td align=center><input type=checkbox name="chb[x_#ITEM_ID#]" value=""></td><td><a href="_#EDITITEM">_#HEADLINE</a></td><td align=right>_#PUB_DATE</td><td align=center>_#CATEGORY</td><td align=center>_#HIGHLGHT</td></tr>

3) Go to Admin - Fields - Highlight - Edit

4) Define the _#HIGHLGHT alias:

Alias 1: _#HIGHLGHT
Function: f_c - condition
Parameter: 1:<img src="/aaa/images/highlt.gif"><!--:-->:&nbsp
Help Text: Highlighted item shown as bulb icon

This will show bulb for Highlighted items. If you want to Display just Yes/No text use:

Parameter: 1:Yes<!--:-->:No

Last Edit: Aug 17 2011

<aafaq id=1732> ~ToDo: 1732 How to display icon for Highlighted item on Item Manager (or public website)? </aafaq> 

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