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Topic: AA Admin

0. How to import big exported slice&data?
1. Create new Wizard
2. How can I modify the fonts used in the AA interface?
3. How to integrate APC-AA with email
4. MultiLingual eXtension for ActionApps / How to setup ActionApps for multilingual web sites
5. Cron - how to automatically run tasks on given time?

We have slice data and structure exported to AA.XML file and we want to import it back to the AA. The problem is, that the AA.XML file is 24 MB.

The solution:

The problem could be in PHP setting. Here's what I had to change in php.ini file to get it going:

1. post_max_size: increased from 8M to 32M
2. upload_max_filesize: increased from 2M to 32M

Those first two were key -- from the php log the upload was clearly exceeding both of these parameters. Obviously, if the upload was bigger than 32M (ours was about 24M) this might need to go even bigger.

I also increased these others. I think the upload wouldn't have completed in the default times, but I'm not sure which parts of the operation count towards which of these:

1. max_execution_time: changed from 30 to 120 seconds
2. max_input_time: changed from 30 to 120 seconds
3. memory_limit: changed to 32M

The wizard is available to AA Administrators only. It enables to

The wizard is closely related to the File Manager, which contains additional features.

The user is created immediately after clicking on "Add Slice". The next page with slice settings shows whether there was some error or the user was successfully added. If you don't fill any user information, she/he is not added. You can return to the wizard page by Back and try it again.

Only after successfully filling all the slice information (the same process as with the usual Create New Slice) the views and constants are copied and (optionally) the new user is assigned privileges to the slice.

The Email Welcome select box is filled from the wizard_welcome table. You can use these aliases in the "email", "subject", "from" fields:

A copy of the welcome mail message is sent to the administrator's address (_#ME_MAIL_), so that she/he may see the process went on successfully.

Edit the welcome messages on the "Wizard Welcomes" AA admin page. An example is:

description Generic Item Manager Welcome
email Welcome, you have been assigned an _#ROLE____ for the slice _#SLICNAME. Your username is _#LOGIN___. See http://apc-aa.sf.net/faq for help on AA.
subject Welcome, AA _#ROLE____
mail_from "_#ME_NAME_" <_#ME_MAIL_>

The new constant group names are found by trying to add "_1", "_2", "_3", ... at the end of the group name until a group with such name does not exist.

The code used by the Wizard is shared with the Add Slice, Add User and Pemissions/Assign scripts, so you can expect the same behavior and AA developers may easily maintain it..

There are CSS files in the root directory that you can modify or create a new CSS file and point to it from include/config.php3 (line 139).

There are several places where APC-AA sends mail, and it can be confusing, especially since it is really easy to configure them wrongly so they don't work, and little help for figuring out why. Lets consider 4 cases. The Bugs and Weaknesses of each method are shown because they may help pick which method to use, and also help guide as to places for further development.

Slice Admin or Editor wants notification of new items added to Hold bin, or edited or whatever.

Use the Email Notification functionality, here you can specify different messages to be sent when messages are added / edited to Active / Hold bins, and different recipient lists, so for example you can create a message to an Editor whenever a new message arrives in a Hold bin, and maybe a different message to the sysadmin when an item is moved into the Active bin (usually by the Editor). The message could be just something like "An item has been posted in Xyz slice" or by using aliases can include any fields of the item posted.

Bug/Weakness: You can't use aliases in Subject line, this might be fixed in some version (but is unlikely to be a priority!)
Limitation: The members of the list can only be changed by a slice admin, so don't use this for Alerts ...

A number of people want to receive items posted to a slice

Use a reader management slice (see doc/reader.html) in conjunction with Alerts (doc/alerts.html).

Bug/Weakness: its complex to setup, and frequently people don't succeed, if you don't follow the Tutorial Step by Step (in doc/alerts.html) you probably won't get it to work.

Bug/Weakness: In particular it requires creating an anonymous form, which depends very much on the way its being used (e.g. called from something.shtml or site.php3). One possible development fix would be creating a PHP3 script that took the slice-id of an Alerts module as a parameter and did this much more simply.

Bug/Weakness: documentation says 5.3a: View with type "Alerts Digest", when it means "Alerts Selection Set".

A number of people want to be in an email discussion, i.e. all posting to each other.

Use a Reader Management Slice (see doc/reader.html) in conjunction with Mailman, APC-AA is used to manage the mailman list

Bug/Weakness: you can no longer manage the lists (subscribe/unsubscribe) by email to the Mailman account once you've done this, mailman will almost certainly be sending out email telling the users they can!

Bug/Weakness: You have to understand both apc-aa AND mailman to get this to work since doc/reader.html refers to tasks that require knowing where to find and how to configure mailman.

Bug/Weakness: There is no link between information in a slice, or discussions, and the email discussion, i.e. this is not - like yahoo groups - a web OR mail interface to the same set of data.

Reports of failure (Jason Diceman) partly due to server setup

People wish to receive copies of new comments in Discussions by Email

See "FAQ/Discussions as Mail List", this allows a field in each item to specify a mailing list.

Bug/Weakness: This field has to be added to every item, it can't be specified at the slice level (make the field Required but not Shown and set a default). This is particularly difficult if you want to retrofit discussions to an existing slice, or something coming in over RSS.

Bug/Weakness: This can only go to a single email address, so you have to manage the list somewhere else outside APC-AA (there is no way to for example link it to Alerts).

Bug/Weakness: It doesn't appear to work, sends blank emails.


Template for Email Who gets the email How sent Bugs, Limitation and further development
Notification Admin -> Slice -> Email Notification Directly from script updating

Can't use aliases in Subject line
Can't self-manage recipients

Alerts Admin -> Slice -> Views -> Alerts View Readers from Reader slice, who can choose which to recieve By Cron Complex to setup (anon forms)
Email Discussion Not applicable - its email to email Members managed by Reader Management slice Mailman handles all sending

Requires understanding mailman to setup, reports of failure partly due to server setup
Cant subscribe/unsubscribe by email
No slice -> email or email -> slice

Discussion -> Email Admin -> Slice -> Views -> Discussion to Email One hard-coded email address Not sure, probably cron. Doesn't integrate with Alerts so no recipient management at all
Doesn't seem to work (Mitra).
Has to be added to each item in slice.


There is no integration for receiving email, although there has been discussion (where?) about posting articles by mail

see http://mimo.gn.apc.org/mlx for instructions

The script cron.php3 - similar to Unix cron - is able to run PHP scripts on given time. If you want to send e-mail notifications if some condition is satisfied or if you want to exchange items between slices regularly, you will find it useful.

The reason for this script to exist is that it's not easy to run PHP scripts by the Unix cron. It also allows us to use admin interface (AA -> Misc - Cron) to add/modify new tasks to run.

If you want to run some task on given time (like running admin/xmlclient.php3 for Cross Server Item Exchange each 15 minutes), you have to do two steps:

  1. add new task on cron admin page (AA -> Misc - Cron)
  2. make you sure the cron.php3 is periodically started from unix cron

1. Add new task on cron admin page

The task you can set/edit on cron admin page (AA -> Misc - Cron). The fields (their names are taken from PHP getdate()) have the following meaning: Let's call time units all from: minutes, hours, mday (month day, 1-31), month, wday (week day, 0-7, where 7 and 0 both mean Sunday). You may use three-letter month and week day names (like "jan","feb","sun","mon"). A time unit may be set to:

* not set - jump over this field
10 number: run only when time unit equals
1-5 range: run when time unit equals 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5
0-59/15 range with step: run when time unit (minutes in this case) equals 0 or 15 or 45
5,15-25/5,40 you may combine numbers, ranges and ranges with steps, separated by comma

The task table is allready prefilled on APC ActionApps setup, so you should see something like:

time                 script                       params
* 1          * * *   misc/alerts/alerts.php3      howoften=daily&lang=en      (Alerts - daily diggest)
* 1          * * 1   misc/alerts/alerts.php3      howoften=weekly&lang=en     (Alerts - weekly diggest)
* 1          1 * *   misc/alerts/alerts.php3      howoften=monthly&lang=en    (Alerts - monthly diggest)
* 1          * * *   misc/alerts/admin_mails.php3                        (Alerts - sending of subscription e-mails,...)
* 8,23,38,53 * * *   admin/xmlclient.php3                                (CSN - Item Exchange)
(it is just an example - the set of task could be changed in next release of ActionApps)

2. Start cron.php3 periodicaly from unix cron

This must be done by a system administrator (i.e. someone with root shell access), but only has to be done once no matter how many task are sheduled then.

In order we can shedule tasks from ActionApps we must run periodicaly the script cron.php3 (based in root apc-aa install directory). It is not so easy to start php scripts directly from unix cron, that's why you should use aa-http-request shell script (based in misc/ directory), which will start cron.php3 script for you.

The instructions for setup of the aa-http-request script is also inside the script. For setup follow the nex few steps:


This FAQ interface was developed by Jason at Commons.ca

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