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Add fulltext search functionality to ActionApps search and combine it with database search

Progress: new     |    Priority:20

Although ActionApps can perform database searches well (i.e. a query like all news from category "C", between years 2003 - 2004 regarding region "R", it lacks fulltext search (i.e. simply search for "dog food", i don't care which fields it appears in, just put the most accurate results on top)

I belive a great (in fact a dream) search functionality could be achieved by combining those two approaches into ine integrated system. Here is how it would work:

- Imagine slice full of records. There would be a special view exporting all the records as a simple easy to index page with the more important fields towards the top and in appropriate <meta tags.
- A fulltext search engine that comes integrated into AA package (let's say Mnogosearch) periodically indexes the content of this slice by indexing each item using the special view from above
- Mnogosearch remembers item IDs

- Simple fultext serch box
- Returns the results sorted by rank, displayed and paginated probabaly by some AA view
- Search term highligting
- Uses Title for the title ( a bit like google does)
- Click on the title brings one to the full text of the item. There must be a way of expressing where the page with fulltext.

Combining the two:
- It shoudl be possible to create a search form which will allow to combine both types of searches together. This means that you can restrict the search domain by a certain criteria applied to various fields: news from category "C", between years 2003 - 2004 regarding region "R" and the search for "Dog food" fulltext style >>ONLY WITHIN<< the records satisfying the condition above.

Implemenatation Notes:

- I suggest looking at PHP API for mnogosearch

Why we need: Speed of searching, improve usability, competitive advantage

Search engine

EIN.org.uk for their database of legal cases, but they would only pay after it's ready and only if they like it

Budget: $3000


Technical plan:

Hourse required: 80 - 100





Written By Marek Tichy ( marek at ecn.cz)

Last edit: Aug 11 2005

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