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Topic: Slice Configuration

0. How to import big exported slice&data?
1. What are the 'Action Aplication Core' and 'News (EN) Template' slices?
2. How can I modify the fonts used in the AA interface?
3. How are mutual related links propogated?
4. Is there a way to allow different users to log in to the same slice but with their own language choice?
5. MultiLingual eXtension for ActionApps / How to setup ActionApps for multilingual web sites

We have slice data and structure exported to AA.XML file and we want to import it back to the AA. The problem is, that the AA.XML file is 24 MB.

The solution:

The problem could be in PHP setting. Here's what I had to change in php.ini file to get it going:

1. post_max_size: increased from 8M to 32M
2. upload_max_filesize: increased from 2M to 32M

Those first two were key -- from the php log the upload was clearly exceeding both of these parameters. Obviously, if the upload was bigger than 32M (ours was about 24M) this might need to go even bigger.

I also increased these others. I think the upload wouldn't have completed in the default times, but I'm not sure which parts of the operation count towards which of these:

1. max_execution_time: changed from 30 to 120 seconds
2. max_input_time: changed from 30 to 120 seconds
3. memory_limit: changed to 32M There are two (and should be more in the future) odd slices in slice listbox. Why?

Both - the 'Action Aplication Core' and 'News (EN) Template' are only visible to superadmins and both should not have any items.

News (EN) Template

The 'News (EN) Template' slice is just a template for creating new slices. This template is shown as an option in "Admin" -> "Add Slice" dialog in templates listbox. If you feel a setting for the new created slices is not optimal you have two possibilities:

Action Aplication Core

'Action Aplication Core' slice is something another. In this slice there are defined the default values for each field type. These values are used when you add some new field to a slice on the "Admin" -> "Main settins - Field" page. Fill the field name, priority and field type. After you have clicked on update, the new field is added to the database for the slice and the values (like validate function, alias, help text, ...) are copied from the same field in the 'Action Aplication Core' slice. It is a good idea to translate the help texts in the 'Action Aplication Core' slice too when you are translating the whole ActionApps to some other language.

There are CSS files in the root directory that you can modify or create a new CSS file and point to it from include/config.php3 (line 139). When you update an item that includes a mutual related link it will update the matching relation field ID in the related slice. Make sure both slices are using the exact same ID and that the input Insert is set to "Item IDs".

No, it is not possible - at least yet.

 There is a problem with characters encoding and different languages. Each language uses its own character encoding (like iso-8859-1 for English and Spanish, iso-8859-2 or windows-1250 for Czech, ...). If you select language for the slice, you also select (implicitly) the character encoding. If we allow users to use different language in the same slice, each item will be in different encoding, ... which means problems.

see http://mimo.gn.apc.org/mlx for instructions


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