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Topic: Fields

0. What is the value of a check box input?
1. How are mutual related links propogated?
2. How can I include photos to the texts of articles?
3. MultiLingual eXtension for ActionApps / How to setup ActionApps for multilingual web sites
4. Field Types and Alias Functions

It depends on Fields - Edit -> Insert' setting. If you set it to 'Text', then the value is stored exactly, how it is send by form checkbox (which means 'on' or nothing). However, default and suggested setting is 'Boolean', which means '0' or '1' is inserted.

When you update an item that includes a mutual related link it will update the matching relation field ID in the related slice. Make sure both slices are using the exact same ID and that the input Insert is set to "Item IDs".

This can be done thanks to function f_y - expanded string.

  1. In the slice "Photogallery" make a view or views, which will show a single photograph.
  2. It is usefull to define the aliases in the Slice Admin / Design / Item Manager, so in the Item Manager you will see below any photograph the alias or aliases for showing it, e.g.: "{view.php3?vid=1047&cmd[1047]=i-1047-6341bce1bd2d5072f75cc440d6e1edf4}"
  3. In the slice "Articles", for the field "full_text......." create an alias e.g. _#FULLTEXT with fuction "f_y" and with no defined parameters.
  4. During the editing of items you can just copy the aliases from the slice "photograph" to the places in the text, where you would like to have the photographs

See an example.

see http://mimo.gn.apc.org/mlx for instructions You can find a description of each Field Type and of each Alias Function in the Admin Interface (Slice Admin / Fields / Edit) by clicking on the Param Wizard link at the left of the select box.

A complete list of all Field Types and Alias Functions is now available as well.


This FAQ interface was developed by Jason at Commons.ca

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