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Topic: Calendar

0. How to create a Calendar

The AA now enable to create a Calendar. Events lasting for several days are supported, repeating events are not supported.

Usually three parts of a calendar view are needed. First, a table showing the days and perhaps some caption of events which happen. This is prepared by the calendar view type. Second, some select boxes to choose the year and the month. Prepare these in a .php3 page. Third, a list of events to be shown after clicking on a date. This may be done by a list view with the conditions set as explained further.

To put the view and the caption together, use a .shtml page --- an example of a very simple one is in doc/script/calendar.php3.

Calendar view

Create it by Admin - Views - Calendar - New. Two calendar types are available: Month List shows a month with days in one list under each other, Month Table shows a table with one row for each week. Some new aliases are defined: New parameters to the view command are introduced: month and year. E.g.

The view setting are as follows:

Year and month selectboxes

These may be created by a .php3 script. An example of one is in doc/script/calendar.php3. The script is commented

List of events

An ordinary view of the type "Item listing" will do. You must set two conditions. The first condition must be "Start date <" where Start date is the name of the field containing event start date, the second must be "End date >=" where End date is the name of the field containing event end date.

The conditions are controlled by the command cmd[319]=c-1-_#CV_TST_2-2-_#CV_TST_1 described above.


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