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Topic: Architecture

0. When are hits counted?

The hit is counted in this cases:

1) with slice.php3
   - if you will display an item with x=24425 url parameter
   - if you will display an item with sh_itm=42567a8736342562782abe782c
   - if you will use banner url parameter (banner=2-38)

2) with view.php3
   - if you display an item with cmd[22]=x-22-24425
     Note 1: if you use more than one item with x command
             (like cmd[23]=x-22-24425-24461-23612) only first
             item is counted)
     Note 2: if you want to display an item and do not want to count
             hit for such item, use 'o' command
             (like cmd[23]=o-22-24425), which works exactly in the same
             way as 'x', but it do not count hits.
   - if you use random parameter (ie. set[23]=random-1)

For speedup of database operations we use log table for hits count, from
which it is time to time copied to item table. You can configure this
behavior in include/constants.php3:

// CountHit probability - how offen write logged hits to item table

This means that after 50 hits (approximately) (in whole AA) the hits are
written to item table (= displayed to users).

For more info see CountHit() function in include/util.php3



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